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Comparative Orthopedic Research Laboratory

Our mission is to investigate musculoskeletal biology and molecular medicine therapies that are associated with orthopedic disease conditions in horses and humans. Under this umbrella, we will study gene therapy systems and tissue engineering, as well as utilize a comparative approach in our research.

We are dedicated to the efforts that are necessary for translational research which moves from “bench to bedside”. We will focus on conditions and therapies that are designed to be directly beneficial to our patients.

Our five main research focuses are:

  • Enhancement of articular cartilage healing with emphasis on the cartilage/bone interface
  • Acceleration of bone repair
  • Identification of genetic markers of orthopedic disease
  • Physiology and pharmacology of medications for joint disease
  • Optimizing gene therapy protocols for use in patients with orthopedic disease

Contact Information

Alicia L Bertone, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVS
Director of Research, Sports Medicine Center
Endowed Chair of Equine Clinical Medicine and Surgery, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
380 VMAB
1900 Coffey Rd
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: 614-292-6661
FAX: 614-688-5642
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