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The Department of Orthopaedics conducts both clinical and basic science research focused on the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and infections. Our programs include investigations into new antibiotics, new implants designed to facilitate healing, treatments for osteoarthritis, biomechanical testing, and many others.

Musculoskeletal health is a field that encompasses many different types of experts and specialists. Our department collaborates with other researchers in other disciplines across The Ohio State University, such Veterinary Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. We also work closely with research colleagues in other medical specialties like Plastic Surgery, Infectious Diseases, Rehabilitation, Radiology, and Neurological Surgery.

Our Sports Medicine Center includes experts from Orthopaedics and Family Medicine who work alongside physical therapists, athletic trainers, and performance specialists to conduct a wide variety of basic science studies and clinical trials. They aim to bring their research from "the bench to the sideline" for the benefit not only of athletes but to help everyone enjoy an active lifestyle.

At our Comparative Orthopaedic Laboratory, a multidisciplinary team investigates musculoskeletal biology and molecular medical therapies that are associated with musculoskeletal disease in both animals and humans. The laboratory primarily focuses on healing of articular cartilage, acceleration of bone repair, genetic markers of orthopaedic diseases, medications for joint disease, and gene therapy.

The Orthopaedics Ergonomic Laboratory is focused on studies that provide an understanding of the body responds to real-world working conditions and creating biomechanical models to provide information on how joints react during exertion. Researchers work to improve our understanding of the risks human joints are exposed to during work and to quantify risk factors for injury.

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