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Research Requirements

As part of their educational experience, all residents in the Ohio State Podiatry Program are required to perform a clinical or laboratory research project in each of their three training years. In addition, at least one manuscript must be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal no later than April of the PGY-3 year, and one project must be presented at the Mallory-Coleman Orthopaedic Research Day prior to completion of the program.

Resident research is treated similar to graduate students research projects nd, as such, each resident has primary responsibility for completion of his or her project. Residents are encouraged to begin their research projects as early as possible. Each resident must provide a title and an abstract to the Director by September of the current year. Clinical faculty advisors may be selected from The Ohio State University faculty or other clinical faculty involved in resident education. Additional, residents are encouraged to actively involve at least one research faculty member.

Residents are encouraged to meet at least quarterly with faculty advisors and research faculty to ensure the quality of the project. Additionally, participation in the monthly orthopaedic research meetings is encouraged.

It is recognized that productive research takes time. It must also be recognized that while research is mandatory, adequate clinical performance takes precedent. Over the course of the residency, partial afternoons may be available to residents for their research efforts. At no time can a resident allow his or her research requirements to interfere with the clinical responsibilities of the program. The scope and detail of a particular resident’s project may depend somewhat on that resident’s clinical standing. Although each resident is able to select their own project, its scope and duration may be shaped by the program director, or at the recommendation of the Academic Committee based on the resident’s clinical and academic performance. On the other hand, if a resident is performing at an outstanding level clinically, then he/she can be given increased latitude and technical assistance in order to perform more complex and demanding research. This may involve up to one full day per week for research.

Residents interested in exploring research on more than one project are encouraged to do so, and will be supported to the extent possible in these endeavors. The submission of abstracts and manuscripts to state, regional, and national meetings is encouraged and the Department makes every effort to support resident attendance at meetings where their work is being presented.

Resident participation in research is a driving force behind the academic productivity of the Department of Orthopaedics and is supported and encouraged to the full extent of the available resource. The Podiatric Resident Program is excited to be part of research endeavors and participates in the Mallory-Coleman Day presentations. A number of resources devoted specifically to research are available to residents. For more information please refer to Research Facilities page.