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Admission Process

Selection of trainees for entry into the PM&S-36 program will be through participation in CASPR (Central Application Service for Podiatric Residencies) in accordance with the CPME 320 document guidelines which are the Standards, Requirements and Guidelines for Approval of Residencies in Podiatric Medicine.

As stated in CPME 320 standard 2.3, “The process of interviewing, selecting and appointing podiatric medical college graduates shall be conducted equitably and in accord with ethical standards. An institution that sponsors more than one podiatric residency program shall inform the prospective resident of the selection process established for each program. An institution that sponsors an entry-level candidate status and/or an approved entry-level residency program shall participate in a national resident application matching service (such as is operated currently by the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine). The sponsoring institution shall not obtain binding commitment from the prospective resident prior to the match results announcement.”

The selection committee will consist of the current program director and at least one other training faculty member appointed by the program director. It will be the responsibility of all committee members to screen each application prior to attending the interview session. During the post interview meeting the applicants under consideration will be reevaluated and discussed in detail. Each participating member of the interview team will rank the candidates from one to ten. An over all rank list will be derived according to compilation of the individual rank lists. The final rank list will be forwarded to the CASPR office by the required deadline.

No interviewee will be required to divulge to the program how they ranked the program. Offers will be made to the candidates that match with the program. Candidates outside of the CASPR application process will not be considered unless or until the program does not match. There will be no application fee required to apply to this program.