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Salaries and Benefits

House Officer Salaries for 2017-2018
Salaries are determined through the office of the Medical Director. In general, salaries increase approximately 3-4% per year with advancement up to the PGY-6 year. Salaries are subject to changes yearly. Increments in salaries are made upon satisfactory advancement to the next primary level and may be modified by the Medical Director's office.

  • PGY1s:  $51,510
  • PGY2s:  $53,061
  • PGY3s:  $54,758
  • PGY4s:  $56,636
  • PGY5s:  $58,461
  • PGY6s:  $60,284

Benefits Provided by Department of Orthopaedics
The following benefits are provided to limited medical staff (residents and fellows).

  • 3 Weeks paid vacation
  • One week professional leave with pay for attendance at a National or International conference [see details under Resident Travel below]
  • Reimbursement for attendance at above conference [see details under Resident Travel below]

Resident Travel
The Department of Orthopaedics recognizes the educational value of resident attendance at national conferences and courses. To this end, the Department provides one week per year professional leave with pay for each resident. Limited funding is provided for residents to attend conferences and courses that will supplement their educational experience. Residents are permitted to attend the following conferences/courses:

  • PGY2s: AO Principles of Fracture Management Course
  • PGY3s: Prosthetics and Orthotics Course
  • PGY4s: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting
  • PGY5s: Conference/Course of their choice. PGY5 residents are encouraged to attend a Board Review Course.

Additionally, residents attending conferences to present original materials they authored and submitted are eligible for full reimbursement. Approval is at the discretion of the Program Director.

Benefits Provided by OSU / OSU Medical Center

Medical Insurance: Limited medical staff are eligible for enrollment in one of several University-sponsored health insurance plans including single and dependent coverage. Prescription drug coverage is included in all plans. Coverage, deductibles and co-payments vary by plan.

Dental Insurance: Dental coverage for residents and dependents is available upon employment.

Vision Insurance: Vision coverage for residents and dependents are available upon employment.

Worker's Compensation: Worker's compensation is prepaid providing 100% of all medical expenses and for a percentage of wage-loss, which results from job-related injuries or occupational diseases.

Disability Insurance: Limited medical staff receive prepaid long-term disability income insurance with benefits of $2000 per month in case of total and/or residual disability lasting beyond 90 days . The contract has portability features upon completion of training.

Life Insurance: Limited medical staff are automatically entitled to prepaid term life insurance in the amount of 2 ½ times their annual stipend, plus accidental death and dismemberment benefits. Dependents are eligible for enrollment in optional dependent group life plans. A variety of plans with varying premiums and limits of coverage are available.

Malpractice Insurance: The University administers a self-indemnification insurance program. All residents are covered for their activities within the scope of the duties and responsibilities of the training program. It is an occurrence policy. Coverage is at least $1 million per occurrence and $3 million annual aggregate.

Palm Pilots: A PDA is provided to OSUMC limited staff, at the beginning of his or her training program and is loaded with a variety of software, including eProcrates, eresults and E*Value. Additional information is provided by PDAcentral.

Sick Leave: Limited staff begins accruing sick leave benefit hours upon employment. This benefit gives the resident full pay for up to the total number of hours accrued. Full-time employees accrue 10 hours per month of service. Appointments of less than 100% accrue at a pro-rated amount according to the time actually worked.

On Call Facilities: Residents on-call are provided with access to the vending, lounge, computer and study facilities. Individual call rooms include televisions, bathrooms and computers in each room, as well as 24-hour access to linens and towels.

On Call Meals: Meals are provided for residents while on call via a debit card system, which works at the hospital cafeteria and the in-house Wendy’s restaurant. Additionally, evening snacks (i.e., pizza) are provided on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Boxed dinners from Atlanta Bread Company are also available after hours during the week along with soup, cereal and other food items in a secure room in the cafeteria.

Maternity Leave: For the birth of a child, birth mothers will be allowed six weeks of maternity leave. If medically necessary, more leave will be granted. However, residents should be aware that the amount of leave taken for any reason may affect their ability to meet the requirements of the applicable certifying board. In some cases, the length of parental leave may approximate the total amount of time allowed away from a training program by a certifying board. The Program Director will attempt to obtain certifying board approval whenever appropriate; however, the certifying board decision is the final decision. Arrangements, including additional training needed to satisfy program requirements, which accrue before or after the period of, leave, may be required.

Paternity Leave: A paternity leave of up to three weeks duration is available to any new father including adoptive parents. This will count toward the total leave allowable.

Flexible Spending Accounts: Can be used for additional health care expenses for employee or dependent. Can also be used for child care expenses.

Retirement Benefits: Retirement benefits are provided through the State of Ohio Teachers Retirement System (STRS) or through one of the Alternative Retirement Program (ARP) plans available. Contribution rates can vary from year to year based on program policies. For more information on the STRS and/or the Alternative Retirement Program contact Human Resources at (614) 292-1050 to speak to a benefits consultant. Information is also available on OSU Human Resources web site under Faculty and Staff section.

Lab Coats and Laundering: Two white lab coats with the OSU insignia per year and scrubs are provided free of charge by the Medical Center. There is free dry cleaning service for all work-related clothing.

Notary Service: Free notary service is provided for work related documents through the Graduate Medical Education (GME) office. Educational loan deferment documents are also processed through the GME office.

Parking: Limited Staff have the right to purchase faculty “A” parking permits. Some departments may purchase parking passes for their housestaff.

Recreation & Fitness: Discounted fitness club memberships are available through the OSU Center for Wellness and Prevention and California Fitness. The GME office also has reserved Basketball Court time at the OSU Center for Wellness and Prevention. In addition, many athletic facilities and individual, team, and tournament sports are available across the campus. Also, many diverse activities and cultural events are available at the University and throughout the city and the central Ohio area.

Meetings: Residents are afforded the opportunity of going to national meetings at departmental expense. The Medical Director’s office supports attendance at national meetings for those residents who demonstrate significant involvement in institutionally based efforts. This benefit is designed to train/educate residents and enhance their participation.

Memberships: All residents and fellows are provided memberships in the Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA), Columbus Medical Association (CMA), and the American Medical Association (AMA) while they are in an OSUMC training program.

Ticket Donation Project: Tickets for cultural, sporting and other events can be donated to the GME Office to be distributed to residents and fellows.

Library and Learning: The Health Sciences Library is located next to the Hospital. Overall, the Ohio State University has 27 libraries. The Medical Center houses a learning center for residents with PCs, laser printers, and free access to the Internet.

Counseling and Support: The OSU Medical Center provides opportunities for counseling and consultation referral related to personal problems arising out of the trainee’s participation in the program. The University Staff Faculty Assistance Program provides a confidential avenue for the discussion and resolution of personal problems. Residents are also eligible to utilize the confidential services of the Medical Staff Committee for Physician Health.