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Visiting Students

Students from other colleges and universities may apply for an externship rotation in Orthopaedics at The Ohio State University (OSU). Enrollment is not restricted to certain months. Please check the OSU College of Medicine Visiting Students web site to see if there is space available for the month in which you would like to enroll. For students interested in applying for an externship at OSU, the following procedure applies:

  1. Students must apply through VSAS. Students must indicate the months in which they are available for an elective at Ohio State. To better your chances of enrollment, always indicate a first and second choice.
  2. Once the College of Medicine has approved your application, an approval form will be submitted to the Department of Orthopaedics. The Department will determine if there is space available for either your first or second choice of months.
  3. The VSAS system will send you notification via e-mail that you have been accepted for an elective.
  4. The Department of Orthopaedics will send you detailed information on the rotation and schedule.

Participation in a Visiting Elective at OSU does not guarantee an interview for the residency program. You will be notified in early November if you are granted an interview.

The Ohio State University College of Medicine does not offer any free or low-cost housing for visiting medical students. Information about off-campus housing is available online at OSU Off-Campus Student Services or OSU Office of International Affairs Temporary Housing.