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Orthopaedic Graduates 1991 to 2000

Year Name Practice Location Fellowship
1991 Steven Curtis, MD Mankato, MN  
1991 Gregory Lauro, MD Latrobe, PA Adult Reconstruction
1991 Lawrence Li, MD Bloomington, IL  
1991 Larry Watson, MD Columbus, OH Sports Medicine
1992 Patrick DeMeo, MD Pittsburgh, PA Sports Medicine
1992 James Kerbs, MD Galion, OH  
1992 Harvey Mirly, MD Belleville, IL Hand
1992 Mitchell Nahra, MD Mentor, OH  
1993 Michael Lefkowitz, MD Circleville, OH  
1993 Charles Lettvin, MD Bannockburn, IL Foot and Ankle
1993 Stephen Warner, MD Salt Lake City, UT Spine
1993 David Wittbrodt, MD Bluffton, IN  
1994 Thomas Guse, MD Steven Point, WI  
1994 Michael Kogan, MD Algonquin, IL Sports Medicine
1994 Steven Pierotti, MD Dubuque, IA  
1994 Daniel Samani, MD Sioux City, IA  
1995 Wayne Auge, MD Santa Fe , NM Sports Medicine
1995 Steven Goldfarb, MD Cincinnati, IL Joints
1995 S. Mark Kameleson, MD Savannah, GA Hand
1995 Scott Van Steyn, MD Columbus, OH Sports Medicine
1996 Stanley Chung, MD Frederick, MD  
1996 Paul Cook, MD Columbus, OH Hand
1996 Daniel Rotenberg, MD Waconia, WI Sports Medicine
1996 Andrew Ryan, MD Lexington, KY  
1997 Rick Gehlert, MD Alburquerque, NM Trauma
1997 Grant Jones, MD Columbus, OH Sports Medicine
1997 Matt Mitchell, MD Lawrence, KS  
1997 James Solmen, MD Salem, OH Foot and Ankle
1998 James Popp, MD Columbus, OH Hand
1998 Gregory Schweiger, MD Boise, ID Trauma
1998 Daniel Segina, MD Jacksonville, FL Trauma
1998 Marc Volpe, MD Lakeland, FL Private Practice
1999 John Duddy, MD Anchorage, AK Private Practice
1999 Jeff Ralston, MD Neenah, WI Trauma
1999 Brian Sears, MD Neenah, WI Trauma
1999 Melissa Young Szalay, MD Cedar Rapids, IA Hand
2000 Allen Groebs, MD Salt Lake City, UT Hand, Indiana Hand Center
2000 Steven Neufeld, MD Washington, DC Foot and Ankle, Union Memorial Hospital, MD
2000 Abdi Raissi, MD Las Vegas, NV Foot and Ankle, Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Center, Columbus, OH
2000 Anne Sullivan, MD Bedford, PA Trauma, AO International, Switzerland