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Orthopaedic Graduates 1981 to 1990

Year Name Practice Location Fellowship
1981 Joseph Butts, MD Richmond, TX Sports Medicine
1981 Robert Durbin, MD Columbus, OH Pediatric Orthopaedics
1981 Neil Negrin, MD Atlanta, GA General
1981 David Smalley, MD Riverside, CA General
1982 William Frank, MD Antigo, WI General
1982 Martin Gottesman, MD Columbus, OH General
1982 Michael Kessler, MD Calais, ME General
1982 Michael Winslow, MD Hagerstown, MD General
1983 J. Patrick Kessler, MD Franklin, NC  
1983 David Laitenen, MD Seymour, IN  
1983 Steven Miller, MD Morgantown, WV  
1983 Gary Schniegenberg, MD Lima, OH Pediatrics
1983 Andrew Vicar, MD Indianapolis, IN Hand
1984 Steven Callihan, MD Myrtle Beach, SC  
1984 Doug Dennis, MD Denver, CO Joints
1984 Michael Ruff, MD Columbus, OH Hand
1984 Anthony Volpe, MD Columbus, OH Foot and Ankle
1985 Mitchell Fields, MD Chillicothee, OH  
1985 David Jackson, MD Newark, OH  
1985 Andrew Glassman, MD Columbus, OH Joints
1985 John O’Leary, MD Columbus, OH Joints
1986 David Huber, MD Columbus, OH  
1986 Daniel Maurer, MD Louisville, KY  
1986 David Robie, MD Columbus, OH Sports Medicine
1986 William Bohn, MD Kansas City, MO Joints
1987 William Miely, MD Columbus, OH Spine
1987 Jerry Magone, MD Middletown, OH  
1987 James O’Neill, MD Lima, OH Spine
1987 Jose Ramirez, MD Waterville, ME  
1988 Thomas Ambrose, MD Indianpolis, IN Trauma
1988 Rod Blau, MD West Hills, CA  
1988 Thomas Carter, MD Phoenix, AZ Sports Medicine
1988 James Verner, MD Royal Oak, MI Joints
1989 Craig Goodhart, MD Carrollton, TX Sports Medicine
1989 Susan Jolly, MD Littleton, CO Joints
1989 Raymond Kobus, MD Columbus, OH Hand
1989 Robert Reidle, MD Gastonia, NC  
1990 Thomas Hopkins, MD Beverly Hills, CA Spine
1990 Steven Knezevich, MD Tampa, FL Joints
1990 James MacDougall, MD Aberdeen, SD  
1990 Michael DiBennedetto, MD Ponderay, UT